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Available for expert media comments relating to parenting, children’s behaviour, behaviour strategies, special needs, toddler tantrums, Autism, ADHD, meaningful engagement with your child & the importance of building emotional resilience in children.

“We are creating a toxic generation of unhealthy relationships with no communication within families. This is leading to highly strung out parents and unhappy children who lash out their frustration within the family home.

Being a parent in this day and age is becoming more and more difficult. Parents’ are working harder than ever, demands on their families are increasing and the rate of children being diagnosed with a behaviour issue is at an all-time high.”

Whether she is with her clients or in the media, Chrissie is not afraid to have the hard conversations in order to create happy and healthy homes and more empowered parents.

“It is time to change the way we view discipline by taking the vulnerability, shame and doubt out of parenting. We need to turn that into a strength and give parents a most powerful tool which can be used throughout the various stages of behavioural changes for our children. We need to remove the judgment, guilt and social stigmas that surround parenting”

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Email: chrissie@chaostocalmconsultancy.com

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