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At Chaos to Calm Consultancy we understand that your family happiness means everything to you!

Families are becoming increasingly busier, with parents under constant pressure to be able to find that balance between work and family life. We also understand that every family is unique and special in its own way. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses and these are to be embraced.

At Chaos to Calm Consultancy we believe that by changing the perception of how we view discipline, that we can create much healthier relationships, greater levels of communication and happier families.

Chrissie Davies delivers workshops, private consultations, online resources and personalised consulting to parents and families who want to create emotionally healthy and happy lives! She takes the vulnerability, shame, guilt and doubt out of parenting. Rather turning it into a most powerful tool which can be used by parents throughout the different behavioural changes for a child.

Chrissie has over 15 years experience working with challenging children and their families. She is passionate about empowering parents to be able to make positive decisions in regards to their emotional health, relationships within the family unit and their child’s behaviour.

Through compassionate support, parents are encouraged and guided to identify, and then embrace the necessary changes needed to create a harmonious household for all members of the family.

“I want families to feel as though I have supported & guided them to the point that they will be able to confidently face any of the challenges long after I am gone. I never describe myself as a parenting expert. I can’t emphasise enough that I consider YOU to be the experts when it comes to your own children. Being invited into your home and speaking to your at your most vulnerable, is indeed a privilege. The emphasis of my sessions are to use a “Loving – but firm” approach to create an emotional connection with your child. One that promotes open communication, teachings and guidance rather than punishment & sanctions for undesirable behaviours”


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Group Workshops

Chaos to Calm Consultancy offers personalised group workshops on a range of topics from emotions to managing mealtimes. Why not organise your own group for a private session?

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Personalised Family Support

Sometimes to most effective solution is one-to-one family support in the comfort of your own home. We create an individualised positive behaviour management plan to suit your family.

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See the child NOT the behaviour

Call us to organise a Professional Development workshop for your school, kinder or educational organisation. We can tailor the workshop to suit your environment and challenges!

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What our clients have to say about us…

I worked with Chrissie during my first year of teaching. To this day she has been a huge influence on who I am as a teacher and how I approach my students. Chrissie mentored me to approach every chil…
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