We called Chrissie when we were at our wits ends, sleep deprived, and emotionally drained.

She was amazing to chat to and instantly put my mind at ease, making me feel that I was not alone is this everyday battle. She came to our house to meet our family and help us initially with some sleep issues. (My daughter was 5 and had never slept through the night).

After building our confidence and empowering us with knowledge to help my daughter achieve this, she started sleeping through the very same night Chrissie visited us and has continued to do so.

Chrissie helped us realise that is wasn’t just the sleeping that we needed help with. All of the problems we felt we were dealing with were all rolled into one. The lack of sleep caused issues with eating and social confidence.

Chrissie helped us understand why we were having so many tantrums with our 2 year old. Through some changes she suggested he is now the happiest 2 year old!

She helped my husband and I work together as a team to achieve a happy, loving household.

Our family is completely different- in such an amazing way thanks to Chrissie.

We are forever grateful xx

Debbie and Ben


 Thank you Chrissie – It really was such a great session! I have received so many positive comments about how practical and enjoyable it was. It would be great to have you back. Please let me know when you develop further workshops. Creating a unified approach would certainly be a challenge with so many staff. As you are most likely aware special education teachers need to have a sense of humour to survive !!!  Thank you for sharing your experience and humour with us.

The Emerson School

I worked with Chrissie during my first year of teaching. To this day she has been a huge influence on who I am as a teacher and how I approach my students. Chrissie mentored me to approach every child as an individual, and taught me how to relate to them no matter their behaviour. I learnt that if you approach all students with respect and an attitude that gives them the chance that they deserve, they will respond in a positive and successful way.
She taught me to look for the positive in each and every child, even when they can be challenging, and that every child deserves a chance to be successful. Chrissie’s approach was to empower me with the skills I needed to be the best teacher I could . She taught me many things I still practice today such as: taking time to discuss with students issues that they may be holding onto in the classroom or yard through Circle time, the importance of building a trusting relationship with my students, whilst creating a safe environment.  
Through her guidance and support I learnt one of the most important things in my career -the power is in my approach to the classroom . How I view each and every child and my willingness to support and guide them to achieve their best is vital for their success!



Chrissie it is really hard to put into words just what you have done for our family. You are truly gifted and  amazing to work with – calm, articulate & so easy to relate to!

Parents jumping for joy!

I really just cannot believe how quickly you have helped us to make positive changes in our family. I wish I had called you years ago!

Happy family xx

Thank you for three of the most amazing sessions with you. We absolutely love YOU and your work. You are in the perfect role for you! Seriously best money we have spent in a very long time. You have set us up on a really positive path, and we are so grateful! xx

Kristie & Oliver

Now that I understand more about my child’s development, I am much more in tune with his behaviour. Knowing the right strategies to use makes knowing what to do easy. I never realised how important it was to teach my child how to work his way through his emotions. Emotion Coaching for children is such an amazing tool for all parents to have! Thank you Chrissie – I have learnt so much about myself as a parent!


The most important thing I learnt in the 1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching workshop – is to change the way I view disciplining my child. I now have so many more strategies to use when a behaviour occurs, and I know that I will be able to deal with them as they arise. Chrissie presents her experience in a very calm, relaxed manner and she has some great ideas that can be used by all parents.


Chrissie helped me to understand that to help my child make changes in her behaviour, first I had to look at my own behaviour as a parent. Only then could I make the necessary changes to help my child. She taught me that it wasn’t always going to be easy, but in the end it would all be worth it. Chrissie also helped me to understand that I don’t need to be a perfect parent, nor do I want a perfect child. I am so glad that I learnt how to understand my child better, and this has meant that we now have a much happier and calmer relationship.



During the time we worked with Chrissie, I saw many positive changes in my child’s behaviour within the classroom. This also then transferred over to our everyday life. Chrissie was always open, and she shared her knowledge and strategies in changing behaviours, which in the long term created new behaviour patterns for our family. For a long time each outing began for our family, with a reminder of what ‘Chrissie’ would expect on an excursion, now it has become second nature. In my journey with my son, I found that a chain of positive experiences established new wanted behaviours (for the whole family), becoming a springboard for further positive change.