C H R I S S I E   D A V I E S


                     “See the child N O T the behaviour”                 



In our 3 hour workshop you will learn:

Fundamental positive classroom management skills to dramatically enhance your teaching

Effective techniques to develop relationships with the tricky kids

Alternative strategies to manage students with challenging behaviours

The different types of behaviour disorders that may present in the classroom

The two biggest mistakes teachers make when dealing with children with challenging behaviours

Tips for encouraging positive behaviour

How to show empathy & build emotional resilience in your students

The importance of looking after yourself when you have a challenging student

What special needs families wish teachers knew & understood


“I have been teaching for over 20 years & I do not think I have ever attended a Workshop where the emphasis was on ‘loving’ your students. It has really made me think about the relationships I have with the students that I teach”

“Your knowledge, confidence and presentation style is very engaging. I was hanging onto every word”

“How great to actually leave a PD feeling uplifted and inspired and motivated!”

“I loved the way you introduced a gently spirituality into the workshop”

“Thank you Chrissie – our entire staff is still talking about your presentation and the positive impact it has had on  them”

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