At Chaos to Calm Consultancy we believe that the most valuable support can be offered by being with you in your family home. We consider being invited into the privacy of your inner sanctum an absolute privilege.

We also understand that finding time can be very difficult, and that family life is busier than ever. That is why we offer after hours and weekend consultations. Visiting you at home allows you to be in a familiar, relaxed & non threatening environment. You can completely be yourself, as we work together to find creative solutions to the challenges you may be facing with your child.

Often children with behaviour issues present differently outside of the home or in a school environment.

The benefits of us being with you in your home are:life-is-better-quote

  • Establishing a really good understanding of how your family operates in your own home.
  • See first hand some of the behaviours that families are dealing with, and genuine interactions between family members.
  • Sometimes families are so enmeshed in the chaos that is their lives, that it is very difficult for them to actually be able to identify the core issues for their family.
  • By being in the trenches with you, we will be able to observe behaviours as they occur. This will allow for a personalised behaviour management plan to be established for your family.

We try to make things as easy for you as possible, and work around your family to create the right type of personalised support. We understand that all families are unique, and as such will devise an individualised support program created just for you!

We can offer a variety of types of support including:

Skype or telephone Consultations

1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching for parents

Private Coaching

Personalised behaviour management plans

Please contact us for a free initial phone consultation to discuss ways in which we may be able to support you and your family.

Phone – 0432 382 240