20161120-chrissie-davies-high-res-21Chrissie Davies is an educator, consultant, writer, loving mama via open adoption, and passionate advocate for understanding children with challenging behaviours. She is committed to empowering and supporting families to live the life they truly  deserve. She lives with her husband and young family in Melbourne.

Chrissie has over 15 years’ experience working for the Victorian Education Department, a decade of which was spent working in Specialist Education settings to meet the needs of children with extremely challenging behaviours. She also spent time in UK as an Outreach Consultant supporting teachers in mainstream classroom settings.

She has worked with students with a formal diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism and ODD, but also understands there are many undiagnosed children presenting in families and classrooms with social and emotional behavioural issues.

Through her consultancy Chaos to Calm, Chrissie specialises in creating understandings and strategies to meet the needs of children with challenging behaviours.

She supports both families and teachers to create more awareness of the different ways to use communication and emotional engagement to make positive changes in children’s behaviour.    

 Chrissie specialises in:

Working with families and supporting them to make life long, positive changes in their child’s behaviour, and the ways in which they interact with their child

Creating understandings of the importance of establishing positive routines and behaviour patterns in children

Encouraging parents to be able to separate from their own emotions when it comes to discipline

Strengthening family relationships by creating an awareness of the  importance of different types of communication, and the important roles they play within your family

Providing parents with skills and knowledge to be able to tackle any of the challenging behaviours their children may present with in the future

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